What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a term used to describe activities involved in increasing visitors from search engines to a particular website.

In short, SEO is essentially the art and science of getting your web pages appreciated by search engine algorithms. The more you can understand how they work and appreciate their needs, the better your chances of appearing “high up” in a list of results.

A good understanding of SEO and how it works will give you a huge advantage as an Internet marketer, whether you’re working for yourself or somebody else. It should become the basis of any serious web marketing strategy.

Advantages of SEO

The first obvious advantage to learning about SEO is that you’ll have the upper hand over other websites that don’t know anything about it. As time goes on, more and more businesses realize just how important having good search engine optimization truly is. So if you’re the only one doing your research, when it comes time actually to put that into action, you’ll be the only one who has a handle on what’s going on.

– It will help you direct and move your website in the right direction (i.e., increase in traffic). Search engine optimization is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. If done correctly, it can result in a great deal of extra traffic to your website.

– You will be able to understand the real and actual value of keywords which gives you an excellent insight into how search engines work and what needs to be done to improve your rankings.


There’s no doubt about it; learning all you can about search engine optimization is a crucial part of any successful online marketing campaign. In the long run, your website will benefit from this knowledge, and so will your business. The more visitors you have coming through to your site, the better you can turn them into actual customers.